Multiply your Productivity with Programming

Drawing of programming productivity model

We have all experienced tedious, repetitive, mind numbing tasks where it may seem like a computer could perfom them. The good news is that many of those tasks can probably be done with a computer, freeing you to concentrate on creating meaningful, creative value for your organization. Individuals and groups with programming proficiency can make themselves indispensable to their groups and wider organizations.

The value proposition of being able to reduce weeks of repetition to minutes of writing code is obvious, but where should folks begin? The collection of IT related technical vocabulary is daunting at best; “object oriented programming”; “bash scripting”; “ETL” what do these mean and how can they be used? A guide, in the form of a programming trainer or consultant can help explain these terms to people of diverse educational backgrounds and help clarify the path to project completion.

If you would like to learn more about how to build software, or need help with a specific project, please contact me HERE.

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