P-values, SVMs and Neural Nets, oh my!

How to Manage a Data Science Zoo

Graph model of data science
Each of us has heard that large organizations use data to create value, but how is this done? What tools are used? And how can they be applied to solve immediate problems faced by our organizations? Working with a data science consultant can help groups meet their goals. In addition, developing data science skills can multiply your productivity and open new possibilities for decision making.
The value of answering questions with data and hypotheses is that it augments the traditional business decision making process, but where to begin? A quick Google search will yield technical vocabulary like “linear regression”, “SVMs,” and “Neural Networks” but what do these mean and how can they be used? Certificates in data science take years to earn and educational institutions only offer the required coursework at a premium. A guide, in the form of a data science trainer or consultant can help explain these terms to people of different educational backgrounds and help build a path to project completion.
If you would like to learn more about how to analyze data, or need help with a specific dataset, please contact me HERE.

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